Ozanne Customer Analytics Group


Business opportunities are usually far more extensive than business problems. However, deciding which opportunities are most advantageous creates the greatest challenge. Successful response to this challenge lies in customer centric data driven decision making.Utilizing our proprietary modeling and statistical expertise, we help address key issues you lay before us.

Ozanne Customer Analytics Group provides data driven tactical and strategic customer centric consultancy for businesses and non-profit institutions. We work at the organizations highest levels providing decision support on key business and marketing issues. Utilizing the vital strategic information, we provide sophisticated, parsimonious analysis to identify the key opportunities and potential solutions to major business issues.Our approach is to combine a company’s proprietary data and customer information with external information to assist you in making defensible data driven decisions. We work with you using the output to drive tactical and strategy decision making.

Our business philosophy is that you can make a living anywhere, but only when you are having fun can you make a difference.